About the Artist

Russ Renshaw

A photo of Russ Renshaw in his home studio

Russ Renshaw (b. 1982) is an unconventional visionary, a self-taught oil painter, and designer by trade.  Born and raised in NH, Russ sought out creative outlets from an early age, creating his own comics, and sketching true-to-life portraits of his cat, Mr. Jones.  Throughout his school years Russ began impressing those around him by drawing murals on walls and chalkboards every chance he could.  

Russ has continued his creative evolution and has worked professionally within many art fields including photography and graphic design for over 20 years.  He is now an artist with a focus in oil painting - specializing in landscapes and fauna that reflect the natural beauty around him in Southern Maine. Russ counters his expressions of nature with a subversive intellect that adds a dark undertone to his work, which never fails to surprise the viewer. 

His work can be found in private collections across the country as well as the following galleries;

The Salem Art Gallery

Newburyport Art Gallery

Mosaic Art Collective Gallery